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Energy & Industry Division
Industrial and environmental inspection, vendor inspection, technical assistance, non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical staffing for all type of industries.
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Laboratories Division
Multidisciplinary laboratories.Testing and engineering for product development. Conformity testing and product certification. SYSTEMS CERTIFICATION.
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Automotive Division
Statutory vehicle inspection services and emission & gas testing solutions worldwide.
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IDIADA Division
Design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive industry worldwide.
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Applus+ Presents at ACA Corrosion and Prevention Conference

Dr Paul Huggett, Materials Manager at the Applus+ Materials Centre in Perth, represented the company at the recent Corrosion and Prevention Conference in Adelaide, hosted by the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA).

In his paper on “Stress Corrosion Cracking of Autoclave Steam Coils”, Dr Huggett presented his detailed failure analysis of stainless steel autoclave steam coil pipes that had cracked and failed during service. The failure investigation found that the welded connections cracked as a result of stress corrosion, initiating at the toe of the fillet welds connecting the steam coil to the bracket plates. Once the cracks extended from the weld toe into the internal pipe wall, process liquor leaked into the steam coils, further corroding the surface of the pipe’s inside bore.

The ACA is a not-for-profit association, which shares information on corrosion control and prevention with its members. The Corrosion and Prevention Conference and Trade Exhibition is an extension of the ACA’s work in corrosion education. The event brings together leading researchers and industry practitioners to discuss safe and effective management of corrosion and related issues. Applus+ is a proud supporter of the ACA. Following the recent addition of its materials testing and analysis facilities in Australia, Applus+ looks forward to contributing further to corrosion research and education.



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